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LTA Turfgrass Insider – Late Summer 2012

From LSU Professor Dr. Ron Strahan – Armyworm and Tropical Sod Webworm outbreaks are happening now. This applies to the entire Southeast. Read more by clicking below on the LTA Turfgrass Insider. Follow Dr. Strahan on Twitter at (LSUturf) or on facebook at Ron Strahan. Click on the page to download the .pdf. DOWNLOAD PDF

St. Augustine Grass Seasonal Maintenance – Spring

Video Notes: Step 1 – Apply Fertilizer. We recommend something with a 2-0-1 ratio (eg…(16-0-8)) Step 2 – Prevent the onset of Summer weeds by applying Pre-emergent herbicide. You can buy it already mixed in with the fertilizer. Step 3 – Watch out for fungus…especially Grey-Leaf Spot and Brown Patch. If you have had problems before or have …

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