EMPIRE Turf Seasonal Maintenance – Spring 2012

Get your EMPIRE Turf zoysia lawn ready for Spring and Summer. This video will guide you through some simple care instructions for getting your EMPIRE lawn looking its best.

Video Notes:

Step 1 – MOW LOW. For the first mowing of the year, scalp the lawn with the mower and bag the clippings.

Step 2 – Apply Fertilizer. We recommend a 1-0-1 ratio. (eg…(15-0-15))

Step 3 – Apply Pre-emergent herbicide to prevent summer weeds. You can buy it already mixed in with fertilizer.

Step 4 – To prevent Billbugs and other insect pests, put down a broad spectrum insecticide containing bifenthrin. Make sure to water any granular insecticides into the lawn.

Step 5 – EMPIRE Turf needs about 3/4 of an inch of water per week from either natural rainfall or inground irrigation. Overwatering can lead to fungus outbreaks. If needed, put down a systemic fungicide with an active ingredient.

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