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Pickup Services

Pick up times are on Mondays: 2:00PM to 4:00PM, Tuesday-Friday: 8:00AM to 11:00AM and 2:00PM to 4:00PM. There is a one-half pallet minimum for a pick up on the farm. Please call for Wholesale & Retail Pricing.

Delivery Services

Our truck carries a maximum of 20 pallets (1000 sq yds). Call for delivery rates. See split load requirements in the order policy section.


We can arrange to unload with our equipment for a fee per yard. If you have your own equipment, please advise and no fee will be charged.

Order Policy

To ensure freshness, we cut daily and by order only. Orders must be made in advance. During peak season ( March- October) we recommend scheduling your order 2 weeks in advance for deliveries and one week in advance for pickups. We sell both wholesale and retail. There is a 4 pallet minimum order for deliveries from the main yard in Welsh, LA.

Lafayette Yard Sales

For our customers in the Lafayette area who wish to place an order for less than 3 pallets or need pallets delivered to a location that our 18 Wheeler trucks cannot get to; please call the Welsh Office at 1-800-763-8873 or 337-734-4213.

You can contact The Grass and Rock Shoppe, LLC at the location below:

The Grass and Rock Shoppe, LLC
1812 E. Milton Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70508

EmpireInstallation 600x400

Pallet/Core Return

We no longer have a pallet deposit, however, for the convenience of our customers, pallets can be returned to the Welsh Yard or the Lafayette Yard located at 1800 E Milton Ave, Lafayette, 70508. Please contact Paul Romero or the main office before dropping off pallets.

Our drivers are willing to pick up pallets or cores if they are scheduled to make a delivery to an area near you. Please call the main office to submit a pallet/core pickup request and have the pallets stacked neatly or the cores bagged for the driver.

Roll Installation Equipment

Roll Installation Equipment: Equipment for installation of rolls is available for rental. During installation, the self-propelled installer travels at the rate of 7 miles per hour. Also available is the 3-point hitch sod installer that is tractor mounted. Both models are designed to install with greater efficiency, fewer seams, and a more finished appearance. Installation may be arranged on large projects. Contact us for details.

16341 Turf Grass Road
Welsh, LA 70591
Phone: 337-734-4213
Toll Free: 1-800-SOD-TURF

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