Author: digico_cory

Herbicides and Lawn Weed Control

A weed is nothing more than a plant out of place. Bermudagrass, with its dense root system and ability to out-compete other plants, makes an excellent lawn or park grass in many situations. However, some of the characteristics that make bermudagrass so highly prized for turf can also make it a challenge to control in… Read more »

Why Cheap Grass Probably Isn’t Good Grass

When establishing a yard or renovating an existing one, you have two basic choices—seeding and sodding. Either, if done correctly, can result in the yard of your dreams, a lush lawn of green that beckons people to walk through it barefoot, kids to roll around in it, and neighbors to turn green with envy. Sod… Read more »

All About Lawn Weeds: An Introduction

It’s been said that a weed is a plant whose virtues have yet to be discovered. That’s a nice utopian view, but to anyone serious about a good-looking lawn a weed has no virtues. It’s a plant that’s growing where you don’t want it. As an example, bermudagrass is a lawn grass when it grows… Read more »

Lawn Maintenance Videos: Spring

Click below on the link for your grass type. Zoysia  – EMPIRE Turf, Geo Bermuda – Celebration, Latitude 36, NorthBridge, Discovery St. Augustine – Palmetto, Sapphire, Captiva Seasonal Maintenance Videos from Sod Solutions offer some simple steps for maintaining your lawn.  These videos are released at the beginning of each season and feature step by… Read more »